These Aphrodisiac Scents Will Make Your Partner Go Nuts

Aphrodisiac Scents
Written by Emma Hewitt

You have all heard of aphrodisiac foods, right? Well, guess what? Scent actually works in a similar way and plays an important role in our ability to become aroused.

For women especially, a person’s natural scent determines our attraction to them in the first place. While their scent can also help to get us in the mood, we are affected by external scents too and they play a large part in getting in the right state of mind for arousal to happen.

Aphrodisiac scents can attract, arouse and get us all worked up, but some smells can also do the opposite.

Not all smells are aphrodisiac scents but we found the ones that are. So you can stop changing up the perfume or cologne and stick with those that are proven to work. Plus, these are a whole lot cheaper. In fact, most of these you can probably find lying around the house.

Or sneak from your mom’s old oil burner collection. Thanks, mom!

It’s Ladies First round Here, so Here Are Aphrodisiac Scents That Arouse a Woman

I’m not talking about the latest perfume by Miu Miu, although, let’s be honest, that would work for me too.  You can find these aphrodisiac scents in all sorts of different forms and without a hefty price tag.

The Top Five Aphrodisiac Scents That Arouse A Woman

1. Make a Move with Sweet Vanilla

Vanilla is one of the most popular scents in the world and it turns out there is a reason for that, beyond it just smelling nice. The smell of vanilla creates a positive mood in women, working in the same way that the taste of chocolate does.

The scent induces feelings of euphoria and relaxation simultaneously making women feel more open and receptive to feelings of arousal.

Luckily for you, the scent of vanilla is easy to find. Simply choose from one of the million vanilla scented candles available or go for a mist spray.

2. Relaaaaaaaaax with Lavender

Another aphrodisiac scent for relaxing the mind and the body is lavender. No wonder it is a constant feature in so many massage oils and lotions. The smell of lavender works to ease stress and lower our inhibitions.

Women with high levels of stress tend to not feel like engaging in sex or are unable to enjoy it fully because their minds are too busy. Lavender can help to calm us down before we get down. Oh, and I will definitely take the massage too!

3. Get Her Blood Flowing with Liquorice

Whether or not she likes the taste, the smell of liquorice naturally increases the flow of blood to the vagina and genital area. And, increased blood flow means arousal!

Studies actually found that the mix of liquorice scent along with cucumber scent increased the level of arousal even further. It’s an unusual combination so perhaps stick with a pot of liquorice tea and a nice cucumber mist.

Don’t just mist into the tea.

4. Spice Things up with Cinnamon

Not only a delicious spice, but cinnamon has also been proven to help women with sexual dysfunction to improve their sex lives and boost their sexual drives.

Iranian Scientists conducted a study in 2018 and gave women cinnamon in liquid drops. They then saw a significant increase in their sexual drives and a more positive view of their sexual lives. So why not see how cinnamon works for you by trying a mist or creating the aroma with some delicious baking?

5. We Can’t Forget Musk – Its Basically Man in a Bottle after All

Musky scents have been used in male colognes and fragrances for what feels like forever, and for a lot of people, the smell directly correlates with sex. That’s because it smells so much like a man’s natural testosterone, the hormone which enhances a healthy libido in both males and females.

So guys, if you want to smell even more irresistible, spritz on some musk and let the scent of sex do the talking.

But, please go lightly. Musk is a strong smell, and too much may have the opposite of your intended effect. Keep in mind that there is a difference between stimulating and relaxing your partner. Pick which you think will work best. If she seems relaxed already then a little pick me up scent might be best.

And if she has had a rough day then go for something that is more relaxing.

Aphrodisiac Scents That Arouse A Man – Surprise, Surprise – They Are Mainly Food

The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach after all and, this also seems to be a factor for their sense of smell too. Here are five sexy scents that arouse a man.

1. Pumpkin Pie… Um Yum!

I would say that most people don’t initially think of the scent of pumpkin pie as an erotic smell but it turns out that it has a big effect on male arousal. In fact, it’s been shown to increase penile blood flow by up to 40%.

And as I mentioned earlier, more blood flow to the genitals means increased arousal.

So, if you have time on your hands why not whip up a pumpkin pie and let that amazing scent fill your kitchen. Otherwise, you can fake it till you bake it with a flavored lip balm or pumpkin pie scented candle. Yes, they exist and yes, they smell amazing.

Just try not to eat it.

2. Live a Little with Lavender

Turns out lavender is as just as effective for male arousal as it is for the females. It offers all the same relaxing benefits to ease stress but it also has an added bonus.

Lavender has been found to increase blood flow to the penis too, helping males to be both relaxed and aroused. Clearly, it is just one of those scents that will get anyone fired up.

3. I Doughnut Believe It…

But, doughnut is on the list as an aphrodisiac scent that really gets men going. I guess the smell of food really does have a large effect on men! Of course, the best way to create the scent of doughnuts is definitely with real doughnuts, so go ahead and spoil him, and yourself, and make the most out of this delicious treat. (At the moment, th study is not available online anymore, so be your own scientist here and test it by yourself.)

4. Stimulate His Mind and Body with Ylang-ylang

Ylang-ylang. Yes, it is hard to pronounce, but it is a rich, warm scent that is stimulating to the senses and is definitely worth your time. Ylang-ylang signals the brain to increase the activity of sex hormones leading to enhanced sexual arousal.

It also helps to decrease blood pressure and warms the skin simultaneously which creates an overall sense of calm. And an added bonus, its great for your hair and skin. So, I recommend applying a bit of oil into your skincare routine and enjoying ALL of the benefits.

5. Get Fresh with Citrus

Ever tried to have sex when you are extremely stressed out? It doesn’t tend to go so well. For me anyway! But, that is where the awesome scent of citrus can help. This vibrant scent helps to alleviate emotional stress and even negativity, two things that really don’t allow room for arousal.

Removing some of that stress can help to ready the body for sex and clear your mind of some of those pesky worries that are holding you back.

It’s important to remember that sexually arousing scents have different effects so consider whether you want to relax your partner or stimulate them before you get spraying! And have fun with it. You can cook, buy delicious treats from the bakery or use candles, oils, or mists to create the perfect mood-altering setting. But, don’t depend solely on this.

Arousal involves all the senses so make sure you focus on creating a space that is relaxed, comfortable, sexy and that smells amazing too.

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