5 Ways To Manifest Anything Through Your Womb

Manifest Through Your Womb The Secret Manifesting Powers of your Vagina
Written by Lady Shepsa

As women, our place of power is in our wombs. Yes, we have beautiful brains and amazing hearts, but the center from which we create is our wombs.

The opening between our legs is a gateway to life both physically and spiritually. Every human being on this earth emerged from a womb and needed a vagina as their pathway to existence.

The Power of Wombs and Vaginas around the World

Various ancient cultures recognized the power of female sexual anatomy. In the Tantra tradition from India, the vagina is seen as the abode of the goddess.

The word for vagina in sanksrit is yoni, meaning “sacred space”. Different parts of the yoni are associated with various goddesses, even the pubic hair has a goddess for it!

In China, the Taoists refer to her as the jade palace, Jade being the most prized stone in Chinese culture – that represents abundance – and palace being a place reserved for royalty. And in the teachings of the Quodoushka, a Native American lineage, the outer labia is seen as a “sacred butterfly,” while the clitoris is seen as a “flying serpent.”

In our modern age, the Wu-Tang Clan paid tribute to the vagina by referring to her as “power-u.” So whether it is in the Shaolin temple of Staten Island, in Tantric or Taoist rituals from Ancient Asia, or in the Native American nature-based cultures, the pussy has always been seen as powerful, sacred, and worthy of worship.

Our Womb’s Power to Manifest Intention into Reality

Just as we birth life through our physical wombs, we have the power to birth whatever we desire through our inner creatrix. Sexual energy is the root of our life force, and it is pure creative energy.

What does this mean? It means that if we learn how to be really aware of the sensations and the orgasmic energy of our yoni, we can use that same energy to visualize the things that we want to achieve or obtain.

And through that visualization, we’ll be able to use the power of sexual energy to tap into the energy channels that we need to travel in order to transform our intentions into reality.

But in order for this to work, we need to be really aligned both with our intentions and our sexual energy. So, in the ancient spirit of creating, I’d like to share with you 5 ways you can manifest anything you want through the power of your vagina.

1. Pleasure her daily

When we experience pleasure our brain releases endorphins, the “happy hormone” that helps to relieve stress and pain. This makes us more relaxed, calm and happy. When we are happy, we become magnetic. Our energy is vibrant and attractive; it draws people, places and opportunities to us.

In a recent study, an economist found that people who have sex 4 times or more per week made more money. That’s because people who have sex more often tend to be happier, have higher self-esteem and good health.

Now, of course, you don’t need to feel limited if you are single or don’t have a sexual partner. Your yoni is here to please you too! Allow yourself to engage in self-care through pleasuring yourself through touch, amazing food, good conversations and beautiful sites. Let those endorphins flow and become magnetic! Watch all the good that flows toward you.

2. Ask her what she wants

A lot of us are not manifesting because we are not in tune with what we want. We waste time pursuing things that other people or society say we should want. We are still living as the “dutiful daughter”, the “good girl” that does what she is told and doesn’t rock the boat too much. We play it safe. Stop that now.

We cut off our desire with fear. Fear is a tool the ego uses to keep us “safe”. But to live a great life, you must take risks and get uncomfortable, this is where change happens.

Try this, take a bath. While in the bath, close your eyes and put your hands on your womb, breathe into her. Ask her what does she want. You may see images, you may feel emotions, maybe it’s anger for being ignored for so long. Whatever it is, experience it without judgment. Find out what she wants and take action.

3. Use “pussy-ition”

When presented with an opportunity, a date, a job, a plate of food, etc., you can ask yourself a life-changing question:

Does this make me wet? Does the idea of engaging in this make my pussy twerk in excitement? If it doesn’t, then don’t do it. Stop accepting bullshit.

If you want something new, you must let go of what no longer works. Since this society doesn’t teach us to stand up for ourselves, we can easily get overwhelmed when presented with different options. Our own criteria and our own voice are drowned out by fear, worry, and anxiety.

This is usually because we don’t believe we can have what we truly want, or feel we are unworthy of what we desire.

Use your “pussy-ition”. When presented with something, close your eyes and visualize yourself doing whatever option is presented to you. How does it feel? If it doesn’t feel good then don’t do it!

This isn’t about not being adventurous or trying something new, it is about connecting to authentic desires. Do what makes you wet with happiness!

4. Allow yourself to receive

While our womb is the place of creation, this process is sparked through receiving. Receiving feels good. Receiving opens us to welcome more.

Recognize the power in receiving. Very often the feminine is seen as being “weak”. Little boys get called “pussies” when they cry. (Which is a nonsensical statement, as the pussy bears pain like no other organ.)

There is nothing weak in being feminine. Tap into your “yin”, flow like water and watch your cup runneth over with good. You do not have to be forceful to get what you want; work your magic, relax and allow it to come to you.

No need to manipulate, give ultimatums, or bully to get your desires. Receive and recognize the good that you already have in your life through gratitude and watch it increase.

5. Manifest through orgasm

Sexual energy is creative energy, it is how the life cycle is allowed to continue on this planet. We stop having sex, we cease to exist, period.

But unlike other animals, human beings have been gifted with sexuality beyond the need for reproduction. Meaning, we can mate any time we want. We have been given the gift of sexual pleasure for pleasure’s sake.

While we can make love outside of wanting a baby, the energy powerful enough to conceive life during sexual union can also be used to birth a desire or an intention.

When we have sex we are always creating something, but most of the time we are not conscious of what we are creating. This is why many sexual unions come wrought with pain and confusion.

If we could learn to be intentional with our sexual energy, then we could channel it for our higher good.

Your yoni is a magical manifestor, so whether you are self-pleasuring or with a partner, or just experiencing great joy from life, you can send your orgasmic energy toward what you desire.

Whenever you’re in an orgasmic state (it could be while making love, dancing, eating good food or looking at a sunset) visualize what it is that you want. Get the Universe pregnant with it. Believe that you have it, release attachment to how or when it will come, and watch it manifest at the perfect place and perfect time.

Got it?! Tap into your power-u, ladies, you know you got that good-good! Use it to make YOU happy!

About the author

Lady Shepsa

Lady Shepsa Jones is a writer, teacher, life-coach, mother and “juju woman”—one who taps into her magical powers for healing and manifestation.
Lady Shepsa has spent over ten years studying the spiritual sciences of the African Diaspora, as well as Taoist and Tantric traditions. Through the study of sacred sexuality, she has reconnected to the goddess within her and aims to assist other women in experiencing the healing and freedom of their sensual selves.
She leads women in healing circles, sacred sexuality workshops, group coaching programs and retreats.
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