10 Instagram Accounts Every Mindful Lover Should Follow

Instagram Account every Mindful Lover Should Follow
Written by Beducated Magazine

Did you know that Instagram has 800 million users around the world? We at Beducated love Instagram, put a lot of love into our Instagram account, and use it ourselves privately, too. There are so many wonderful accounts there, putting the most inspiring and most beautiful content out there. To spice up your Instagram timeline and make sure that you get some sexy content that inspires your inner lover on a daily basis, we collected our 10 favorite Instagram accounts.

Let’s Instagram! Our 10 Favorite Accounts

1. Lovability Inc

Lovability Inc is a sexual wellness product brand from New York. They are passionate about promoting female empowerment and safe sex. Their pastel-colored posts have a funky, urban and feministic vibe – and chic condom packages! The discrete tins resemble a high-end cosmetic product in the Instagram timeline and inspire their followers to see safe sex from a whole, different angle.

2. Tina Maria Elena

Tina Maria Elena is an erotic artist of it’s most juicy kind. Her watercolor, sensual art gives you the inspiration you’re looking for when looking for inspiration on how it could be when you flow into each other like the watercolors on Elena’s paintings. Yum!

3. The Yoni Empire

The Yoni Empire creates a space to hang out with other lovers and talk about various sex topics that creatress Elena writes about. You feel like being at a friend’s place where you meet like-minded, sex-positive people to talk about sexual taboos, fantasies, and stuff that really speak to a pussy connoisseur’s heart.

?FUCK YOUR BELIEFS ? I often find myself in the middle of conversations about sex (i wonder why…?) and more often, I hear the following: “Ew! Why would you want to do THAT? Its so straight!” or “No man, only fags do this! I’m not a homo!” or “Why would she want to do this? She’s a lesbian! Otherwise go back to fucking men!” or “Its his job as a man to….”??‍♀ . Did ya’ll write some sex rule books that I’m unaware about? #sendmeacopy . Lesbians who refuse to use phallic toys because its “too straight”; heterosexual men who wont let anyone near their ass with a 10 foot pole because its “gay”; women who wont swallow because “only nasty porn stars do this”; women who fake orgasms because “taking too long is selfish”; men feeling inadequate because their woman masturbates. And seriously, did someone patent male anuses as a gay thing? #gayaf ? And poor lesbians who worry about all the dildos…why not look at dildos as “vagina shaped pleasure products”? #vaginastick #pussytoy #cuntcucumber #vulvadong . Are you aware of different beliefs that you carry about sex? Just like you, I hold many beliefs surrounding my sexuality. More and more I become aware of how I keep myself from enjoying pleasure just because of some random thoughts in my head. #greatsexpectations .?‍♀ Here is a peculiar thing – we decided for ourselves what is good, bad, acceptable or nasty. And then we sit on our couch, our genitals on lockdown, until our lover submits to our sexual world view. Besides, they hold their own set of shitty beliefs. And so the world goes round and round – people inside their heads instead of each other’s pants. #goals What you believe about sex, shapes your sexual relationships. You are what you think. Beliefs can be very damaging to your experience of pleasure. If you think that anal sex is painful/disgusting, it most likely will be for you. If you think that your woman masturbates because you are shitty lover, you probably are. . ? CONTINUED IN COMMENTS ? ? @barbary__lion

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4. India Earl

India Earl takes you for a walk outside with your loved one. Wedding dresses, couples, and breathtaking nature are the ingredients for this grown-up fairytale account. This photographer knows how to capture intimate moments that you would love to hang on your wall.

A fave frame from my one on one mentoring session this week! I love offering these one on ones because it’s a way more intimate learning experience because it’s all focused on you. We get to chill in a cafe for a few hours sipping chai, answering all the questions you’ve been dying to know, going over your pricing, business strategies, and more! Then do a fun portfolio-strengthening shoot together in a gorg location that we take turns leading while I teach you how to direct and get people comfortable, and finally top the day off with some editing together and a portfolio + site review. If you feel like you learn better in a one on one setting rather than a workshop surrounded by tons of people (I know how it is trying to shoot in those settings where you’re getting elbowed in the face trying to get the same shot that 20 other people are getting haha), then this might be a great option for you since we can do it anytime! And if you can’t travel, we can always do a skype session so you can learn right from your couch cuddled up with your cat. Link in bio for more info on these! ?

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5. Tyson Harold Stuetz

Tyson and his boyfriend Daniel travel around the world together. They have minimalism in their hearts, and art in their blood and they love to celebrate love! That account gives you the feeling of following friends along the road that you don’t see often – but are happy to get a sneak into their loving, open-minded and unconventional lifestyle with their posts.


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6. Alphachanneling

Another great erotic artist on Instagram! Alphachanneling takes a more metaphysical, purist approach to erotica. For example, that one post where a couple’s orgasm burst out in Rousseau-esque jungle backdrops, exploding into a technicolor array of wildflowers and sunbeams. Just wow!

EXPANDING UNIVERSE ⚡new version of New Kind of Science⚡ limited edition print released today ? ALPHACHANNELING.com link in page bio

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7. Einhorn Berlin

A German organic condom brand that really talks Social Media. Their Snapchat account is well known in the German start-up scene, but their Instagram account is so much fun, too. They know how to mix an Instagram Milkshake full of unicorn glitter, urban lifestyle and sexy humor. Fancy and fun!

8. The Vulva Gallery

We love vulvas! This account celebrates diversity – because all vulvas are beautiful just the way they are! How would yours look like if it was painted? Maybe you find “yourself” in the gallery, have a look!

Variations in vulvas are endless. Nature loves to play with diversity, making each and every one of us have a uniquely shaped vulva, all different in shape, size and colour. In about half of all vulvas, the inner labia are longer than the outer labia – and in the vulva depicted here you can see the inner labia “peek” out on the front, being “hugged” by the clitoral hood on top. The inner labia are purplish in colour – it’s very common for the inner labia to have a different colour than the skin of the vulva around it. Also, the part of the labia that peeks out often has a darker hue (dark brown, purplish, or black) than the part enclosed by the outer labia. All these differences in colour can give your vulva a broad range in skin tones – like a mini rainbow in between your legs ?✨ #thevulvagallery #vulvalove #humananatomy #biology #diversity #bodydiversity #bodypositive #genderinclusivity #positivity #skintone #rainbow #sexualhealtheducation #letstalkaboutit #berespectful #bodylove #loveyourvulva #hildeatalanta

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9. Gareth Lewis

Gareth Lewis freezes time and creates photos for lovers of the female body. His photos tell stories without words and invite you to make up your own stories and tales.

10. Erotic Watercolor

Ever thought whether Watercolor Art and Pornography could go hand in hand? Well, this account proofs it! This female, sex-positive, erotic artist uses colors and pencils to paint something wonderful that you can’t find on any other Instagram account. It’s definitely #foodforthought!

?☂QUESTION ☂? Which things you’d want me to draw more ? Which genres of porn are your favorites?

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