Do you want to unlock your orgasms and establish a deep intimate connection with your femininity?

Discover the Power of the Yoni Egg and Awaken Your Erotic Nature and Orgasmic Aliveness

Tantra teacher Sofia Sundari reveals Yoni Yoga: A sacred 5 week online journey into your liberated sexuality through mastery of the Jade Egg practice

Let’s talk frankly…

All this is available to you!

Every woman is capable of standing fully present in her power and experiencing exquisite orgasms.

So if that’s true, why are so many not there yet?

It’s because we are taught not to. Sexuality in the 21st century is still something that is repressed, we’re not supposed to speak about or claim for ourselves.

There is a lot of conditioning that makes many people believe that sexuality is dirty, and we all carry a degree of shame around it…

Many women live a life disconnected from their vaginas.

This disconnect results in numbness, which is one of the main reasons why we don’t feel pleasure. That’s why so many women don’t feel satisfied with their sex life.

The majority of women simply don’t know how to change their situation, and so they end up giving up on their pleasure altogether.

The answer to the ‘How’ lies in a wonderful practice that was developed thousands of years ago in ancient China.

There it was known that in order to be a powerful leader and live a healthy and prosperous life, members of royal families needed to harness and master their sexual energy. Women were encouraged to hold a crystal in the very core of their being, close to their womb. This practice was kept secret for many years.

But today this long kept secret is no longer hidden. And it is accessible to you!

It is called the Yoni Egg practice.

yoni yona egg

What is this powerful Yoni Egg you might be asking?

And practicing with it the way Sofia teaches in this Online Course results in numerous amazing benefits for our expanded sexual and orgasmic nature.


With practice you sensitise your body. You connect deeply with your Yoni. You revitalise your entire being. You boost and harmonise your sex drive. You balance your hormones (say goodbye to PMS and menopausal symptoms). You awaken to your mystical sensuality. You start feeling your feminine power. You heal sexual trauma. And you open up to a whole new dimension of orgasmic pleasure!

In this course you’ll be taken on a journey of holistic sexual empowerment.

yoni yoga course
To unleash the erotic you, the powerful you, the orgasmic you, and to connect with the feminine and the sacred you.
“I love my Jade Egg. I was introduced by Sofia into this beautiful and powerful feminine practice about a year ago. It was a gift for me that I was always longing for. Since then the Jade Egg is a sacred part of my life, a regular self love tool and a beautiful expansion of my yoga practice. It brought my awareness back to this most delicate part of my body, and something I was not allowing myself to feel before. It reconnected me to my deep feminine essence, the love in my heart and helped me to heal my relationship to intimacy. After just a few sessions the perception of my yoni increased and I became a lot more orgasmic. My whole sexuality changed. I feel much more alive and radiant in daily life and this is visible for others as well. I’m so grateful for this wonderful tool and I wish every woman could experience this loving healing connection with herself.”
woman chrissy

Your Instructor: Sofia Sundari

sofia sundari

Hi, this is Sofia. I am a Tantra teacher and the creatress of Mystical Femininity. I am fully dedicated to my path of the feminine mystic. On this path I never stop expanding my horizons, and I welcome those who are ready to join me with open arms.

In my work I offer people an expanded view of what this human existence can really look like. I invite my students to question beliefs that are deeply ingrained in society. These are beliefs about the nature of our sexuality, emotions, relationships and life in general. I offer an alternative to confused mindsets and habits. I bring a space in which our darkness stops being shameful, and actually nourishes our light, where spirituality and sexuality are one.

“Sofia Lives What She Is Talking About. Her Gift Is to Create a Sacret Temple.” ~ Bianca

There are many things that I teach people, many powerful techniques and practices. But I see my role mostly in providing a sacred and safe space for people to be able to tap into things they already knew but maybe never had permission to express.

The Yoni Egg transformed my life from inside out

The biggest shift of my life happened when I discovered Tantra, began owning my sexuality and started experiencing deep orgasms. That was when I discovered the Yoni Egg practice.

No one could really tell me much about exactly what to do with it. But I was so fascinated by the Yoni Egg that I kept researching, developing exercises and practicing daily. It didn’t take long (only a matter of a few days of practice, really!) until the pleasure I was experiencing in sex sky-rocketed, and even my partner after one of our passionate love making sessions told me: “Wow, your Yoni feels amazing, what did you do to her?”

I began feeling more. I began reclaiming my Yoni as the powerful and sacred place that she is.
I am so honoured and excited to be able to offer you a complete step by step guide into  this mystical practice

sofia sundari

Why should every woman wear her Yoni Egg on a regular basis?

Because you embrace the mystical power of your own Yoni. And that’s where feminine empowerment should start. It is so crucial for all women to develop a deep relationship with our Yoni. This is how we can own our power. This is how we can access our deepest wisdom and intuition.

On the physical level your pelvic floor muscles will be toned and activated. And our pelvic floor serves as the base to all our vital organs. Yoni will be naturally wetter, stronger, more flexible, and more immune to any kind of bacteria.

On the energetic level you will clear your system and your Yoni from all past traumas and unhealthy experiences around your sexuality. Your sex drive will be boosted or harmonised.
On the emotional level you will experience healing of past traumas, more balanced emotions, and your PMS or menopausal symptoms will be greatly alleviated.

On the spiritual level you will establish a sacred relationship with your own self and everything around you. On the orgasmic level you will begin experiencing those really big mind blowing orgasms!

Yoni Yoga offers a deeply empowering practice that enables every woman to awaken to her erotic nature. You will be holding a beautiful powerful crystal in the very core of your being.

In Yoni Yoga we unite the erotic and the holy.

yoni yoga candle

Offer for the Yoni Yoga Online Course closes in…

This Online Course Comes With A
2-Week Money-Back Guarantee!
Normally $497

If you’re not happy with the Yoni Yoga Online Course for any reason, just let us know and we’ll refund your payment. All you have to do is send an email to and you’ll get all your money back. So you don’t have to make the final decision right now. Just sign up to reserve your spot, see if you like the course, and then make your final decision.

“I am taking it slow and have not received my egg yet. I have been doing lots of breast massage & ovarian breathing + yoni massage / explorations. 🙂 So far I’m finding it is not easy to get into the habit, but loved a few orgasms that I had while practicing and to my surprise I am enjoying not wearing a bra. My mooncup feels more comfortable and I have an awakaned curiosity for tantric things. I am a single mum, so I wanted to keep myself sexually pleased and there is certainly an improvement. Thanks to Yoni Yoga I learnt to give myself deep vaginal orgasm. Now I have orgasms almost daily and I am feeling much more relaxed and happy. One of my biggest struggles was that I used to get stressed especially when I worked and needed to get things done. And at those times I often would start eating to fill myself up. I felt food was not my answer. Now I don’t need it and deep vaginal orgasms seem to be a much better answer.”

What you will get out of this journey

This course is for women who want to to feel a deep connection with their erotic selves. It’s for women who want to strengthen their Yoni and pelvic floor. It’s for women who want to go deeper into their sexuality and experience powerful life changing orgasms.

It’s for women who want to harmonise their hormones and have lighter menstruation or a smoother transition into menopause. It’s for women who want to increase their vitality and longevity. It’s for women who want to be in tune with their femininity. It’s for women who want to discover their own sacredness.

You will be taken on an empowering journey:

yoni yoga journey

For the erotic you:

For the orgasmic you:

For the sacred you:

For the powerful you:

For the feminine you:

“I began using the breath before and during lovemaking and Wauw that have changed something. I feel the energy move and I can activate the energy by choice. One night I experienced a very new orgasm doing the ovarian breathing during intercourse and I realized that I have only seen the top of the iceberg. The surprised look on my husband’s face shows me that he notices the changes in my yoni. And actually one night I was able to feel how I could use the different muscles at different times when he was inside of me. Even though I have had trouble feeling it on my own. So to any newcomers I can only encourage you to not give up and trust Sofia when she says “just keep practicing, then the results will come” I can’t wait to see where this will take me. Thank you Sofia for putting yourself out there and for sharing your knowledge with us.”
yoni yoga devices

Offer for the Yoni Yoga Online Course closes in…

This Online Course Comes With A
2-Week Money-Back Guarantee!
Normally $497

If you’re not happy with the Yoni Yoga Online Course for any reason, just let us know and we’ll refund your payment. All you have to do is send an email to and you’ll get all your money back. So you don’t have to make the final decision right now. Just sign up to reserve your spot, see if you like the course, and then make your final decision.

Explore The Course Curriculum​

Week 1: I am Erotic

  • Eros Is Not What You Do, but the Space You Enter
  • Yoni: Get to Know Her
  • Delicious Breast Massage: Foundation
  • Yoni Egg: Foundation

Week 2: I am Powerful

  • Step into Your Power – Own Your Sexuality
  • Sexual Healing
  • Delicious Breast Massage: Expansion
  • Energetic Purification of the Yoni
  • Ovarian Breathing

Week 3: I am Orgasmic

  • Orgasmic Expansion
  • Self-pleasure as a Gateway to Yourself
  • Breast-gasm
  • Delicious Breast Massage
  • Yoni Egg: Sitting

Week 4: I am Feminine

  • The Feminine Core
  • Anatomy of Feminine Arousal
  • Create Your Altar
  • Delicious Breast Massage
  • Yoni Egg: Standing

Week 5: I am Sacred

  • See Divine Within
  • What’s Next?
  • Yoni Egg: Integral
  • +Bonus
“Yoni Yoga course has opened my doors to the temple of my sexy self, my wild woman, my Yoni loving connection, the honoring of sacredness within myself. From the first week I started to see absolutely magical transformation of my relationship with myself and my sexual relationship with a partner: I found so much more pleasure in sexual games; recognized different limiting beliefs, taken from the norms of society about sexuality, that neither was true for me, nor served me my life (at least not anymore). My libido has expanded and I became more playful, more courageous and self-confident. Have noticed that I even became younger and prettier. It was pure magic! I became more skillful lover and was able to clearly communicate with my partner what I like, because now I knew myself better. Feeling so grateful to Sofia for this course and for sharing her passion. I got a lot from it and it inspires me to continue stepping up into my power. I highly recommend anyone to dive into this blissful inward journey.”
woman without hair

Offer for the Yoni Yoga Online Course closes in…

This Online Course Comes With A
2-Week Money-Back Guarantee!
Normally $497

If you’re not happy with the Yoni Yoga Online Course for any reason, just let us know and we’ll refund your payment. All you have to do is send an email to and you’ll get all your money back. So you don’t have to make the final decision right now. Just sign up to reserve your spot, see if you like the course, and then make your final decision.

“Sofia is a wonderful and inspiring teacher who embodies what she teaches. Her Yoni Yoga course is a beautiful, gentle yet powerful exploration into feminine sacred sexuality. By learning about the jade egg and doing the practices Sofia teaches, my life is expanding in so many beautiful ways. My capacity for pleasure has increased, I have been experiencing more creativity and inspiration in my work, and the quality of my energy (qi) has significantly increased as well. Sofia invites us to deeply love ourselves and open to our inherent capacity for joy, love and bliss. I highly recommend this course!”
avatar female

Frequently Asked Questions​

It would be best to buy a Jade Egg for this course to make the most out of it. Nevertheless the course is designed in a way that you can do all practices without the egg. Once you have purchased the course, Sofia will provide you with the best options for purchasing a real Jade Egg for this sacred practice. Sofia recommends using only eggs made out of jade.

Yes. It is important that we connect to our sexual energy on an ongoing basis.
You also get to explore your pleasure spots and once you meet your beautiful lover you will be 100% ready to dive deep.

Yes. By awakening and toning your Yoni muscles you will enliven various bliss spots within yourself, such as the G-spot and cervix. This course will allow you to discover your multi-orgasmic potential and gift you with new pleasure experiences.

Yes, this course is designed in a way that takes you gradually through your own sexual healing. Your body is usually the key to overcoming sexual traumas and by activating and making you able to feel your body more you can move through your blocks more easily.

Yes. This course takes you sexually to a totally new level, you’ll be able to feel more and tune in more with your sacred nature. There is always something we can learn.

Each week contains videos & audios of between 1 – 3 hours. A regular Jade Egg practice usually takes between 15 – 45 minutes. The more you do it the quicker you’ll feel the benefits of the course, but a minimum of 3 practices each week is great. The great thing is that you are given a real power tool here and you can stop and start again any time. It’s like a Yoga Practice, you dedicate some time to it and feel so great afterwards.

Yes! This course is all about awakening your sexuality. And that doesn’t mean having more sex with other people but simply feeling erotically alive and passionate about your life in general. Your love hormones will peak in your body which will nourish you with amazing energy for anything that you do!
The Jade Egg is the fastest tool we have to awaken our sexual energy. And I’m talking from experience.

Yes. From my personal experience, Jade Egg not only awakens your orgasmic potential, it also intensifies your orgasms. You might even feel pleasure you haven’t felt before. As you’ll be working on your vaginal muscles and getting to know the female anatomy of arousal you’ll get plenty of tools that orgasmify your life & bedroom.


Yes! By joining the Yoni Yoga course you will be invited to join an amazing supportive group of women online. You can ask questions inside the course and also connect with women through an intimate Facebook group. This is a great opportunity to ask questions that come up during the course or in your practice. Plus, it will make you feel powerful to feel connected with all the women in this course.

You can start the course immediately after signing up. It’s always available, so that you can learn at your own pace. And it never disappears — you get lifelong access.

This means you can study with your current partner or alone, plus with any future soul-mates that might appear.

“Lifelong access?” you might say, “what happens when you stop offering this?”. Here’s our promise: If we ever shut this course down for any reasons, you will get an opportunity to download all the materials beforehand. We want those teachings to stick around forever. So yes, lifelong it is!

How does lifetime access sound? After enrolling, you will have unlimited access to this course for as long as you like – across any and all devices you own.

Some decisions in life are irreversible. This is not one of them. If you are super excited and join the course now, but realize in a few days that you don’t like what you bought… no problem. Just shoot us an email within 30 days, and we’ll refund you 100%. No hard feelings!!

If you are unsure, we encourage you to simply give it a try. If you don’t like it, the money will be back on your Credit Card before you even notice.

Yes, this course works on any device that has a web browser. All you need is Internet access that is capable of streaming videos. That means: it works great on smartphones (iPhone, Android, and others), tablets, laptops, etc.

Offer for the Yoni Yoga Online Course closes in…

This Online Course Comes With A
2-Week Money-Back Guarantee!
Normally $497

If you’re not happy with the Yoni Yoga Online Course for any reason, just let us know and we’ll refund your payment. All you have to do is send an email to and you’ll get all your money back. So you don’t have to make the final decision right now. Just sign up to reserve your spot, see if you like the course, and then make your final decision.

“Over the years, I have had a few lovers who used a Jade Egg to train, activate, heal or release their vaginal muscles. Here are a few of the aspects that strike me the most: Vaginal muscle power! For a man, it’s amazing to have intercourse with a woman who can squeeze, relax, move her vaginal muscles at will! Clear energy! This is more subtle! I experience her deep sense of energetic openness in the genital area and in the whole body in general! Sexual confidence! A woman who consciously trains her vaginal muscles boosts her sexual confidence massively! Higher sensitivity, presence, pleasure and greater orgasms for her! To me it’s obvious that a woman who has released tension or traumas in her genitals will of course experience way more pleasure during sex!
Shiva Rajaya
A male perspective on Yoni Egg practice
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