Yoni Massage

Yoni Massage Online Course

An intimate, tastefully filmed guide revealing the natural potential of a pussy. Play with 30+ tutorials & exercises for explosive sensations & full-body orgasms.

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Why This Course?

Did you know that to experience a deeper orgasm womxn need at least 30-45 minutes to feel fully aroused, while the average sex act lasts 5-7 minutes in total? Do the maths.

As a result, most vulva-owners experience only clitoral orgasms or no orgasms at all. This is why they often see penetration as dull or boring — or (even worse) they start to believe that something’s wrong with them.

Unfortunately, vibrators only seem to be helping on the surface. Instead of exploring the natural potential of a pussy, vulva-owners condition themselves to get off quicker by high-frequency vibrations only a toy can give.

Before you know it, an overstimulated pussy ends up heavily numbed. But it doesn’t have to be this way.

yoni massage

We’ve created the Yoni Massage Online Course not only to spark more pleasure in the world but also to inspire (self)discovery, healing and connection.

You’ll be guided through 30+ tutorials and exercises with easy-to-follow and tastefully filmed visual and verbal instructions. That also includes self-massage.

If at any point you have any questions, our beducators are there for you.

You don’t need any previous experience — just come with an open mind and heart.

Many people who finished this course told us that it helped them:

  • Experience multiple full-body orgasms and much deeper intimacy, not only with a partner, but also with their own bodies
  • Boost their sensuality, libido and zest for life.
  • Increase awareness and understanding of their pussies (which helped some heal from insecurities, damaging body conditions, physical or emotional abuse and other traumas).
  • Learn invaluable skills of how to give and receive pleasure through a pussy massage.
Yoni Massage

What's Inside?

Techniques Library
Follow-Along Session
Sexpert Q&A Calls

Module 1: The Foundations

Start with the foundations of giving and receiving a pussy massage. Learn how to prepare for it, as well as how to approach it with the most helpful mindset and expectations.

Module 2: Female Sexuality

Geek out over female anatomy and learn how to awaken pleasure in almost any vulva-owner. Understand how to deal with and heal vaginal pain or numbness.

Module 3: Warm Up

Explore sensual warm-up rituals like a full-body oil massage. Whether you’re giving or receiving the massage, learn how to breathe and sit to get the most out of this experience.

Module 4: Pussy Massages for Couples

Play with various couple rituals, like a breast massage, Pussy Shiatsu and Yoni Blossoming. Learn how to stimulate the cervix, activate the G-spot, and uncover the squirting technique. Discover how to finish the massage for the most blissful effect.

Module 5: Pussy Self-Massage

Learn how to give yourself pleasure without a partner. Explore a breast massage, clitoris and cervix stimulation, Yoni Mapping and Yoni Blossoming ritual for one, as well as G-spot activation and squirting techniques. Discover how to best wrap up and integrate your solo session.

Full Flow Sessions

Watch the tastefully filmed sessions on a real model, with step-by-step, professional guidance. Also, download a follow-along audio recording or print out the beautifully illustrated cheat sheets for your bedroom.

Frequently Asked Questions

At Beducated we’ve taught Yoni Massage to thousands of people and we receive messages from happily transformed individuals and couples every single day. There’s no need to worry that you’re an exception.

If you remain curious and allow yourself to explore something new, we encourage you to try it out – also you will benefit from the practice!

Yes. There is an entire module dedicated to self-massage, because it’s such an empowering thing to do by yourself (even if you have a partner!)

Please note that — in terms of the vocabulary — the other modules of the course address couples. No worries though: 90% of the techniques can be translated to self-practice very easily. Give it a try.

Yes. There are many many men who enrolled in this course — some single, others in relationships. If you’re curious to learn more about female sexuality, this course is totally for you.

You will learn a tool that you can practice any time, with your partner, a future partner, or you can also impress your Tinder dates if that’s what you’re after.

Some men are also looking into giving Yoni Massages professionally, and this course is a great kickstarter for that. However, be aware that additional certificates are likely to be required for becoming an official therapist or bodyworker in your country.

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About Beducated

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Let’s face it, when it comes to having a better sex life, there’s not a whole lot of useful information out there.

And we truly believe that sex is the final frontier of personal development. It’s a supercharger for our life. An opportunity to grow as an individual. To connect deeply. With ourselves. And others.

That’s why our mission is to make the world a more *bed*ucated place.

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