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Try this tastefully filmed step-by-step online course revealing 30+ strokes & techniques for a penis massage. You’ll never call it “a job” again…

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Why This Course?

A Lingam massage is very different from a standard erotic massage (sometimes known as a “Happy Ending”), which usually has just one main focus: to make the man ejaculate.

This course shows you that there’s so much more to a penis massage.

Lingam massage works not only on the physical, but also on an emotional and psychological level. Both for the giver and the receiver.

For the giver it takes the “job” out of the handjob. It inserts fun and creativity into the bedroom, and deepens the intimacy.

For the receiver, not only it teaches him how to claim back control over his penis and enjoy epic orgasms, but also how to overcome many emotional blocks around his sexuality and be a better lover.

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We’ve created the Lingam Massage Online Course not only to spark more pleasure in the world but also to inspire (self)discovery, healing and connection.

You’ll be guided through 30+ strokes and techniques with easy-to-follow and tastefully filmed visual and verbal instructions. That also includes self-massage.

If at any point you have any questions, our beducators are there for you.

You don’t need any previous experience — just come with an open mind and heart.

Many people who finished this course told us that it helped them:

  • Learn how to last longer, overcome premature ejaculation and even experience multiple full-body orgasms as a man. 
  • Naturally heal erectile dysfunction and penis numbness (caused by over-masturbating), and instead enjoy strong and sensitive erection.
  • Overcome emotional blocks and challenges like the pressure to perform or porn addiction.
  • Learn the invaluable skill of how to give and receive pleasure through a penis massage.
Lingam Massage

What's Inside?

Techniques Library
Follow-Along Session
Sexpert Q&A Calls

Module 1: The Foundations

Start with the foundations of giving and receiving a penis massage. Learn how to prepare for it, as well as how to approach it with the most helpful mindset and expectations.

Module 2: Male Sexuality

Explore male anatomy and the dance between hardness and softness. Understand male pleasure, different types of orgasm and mindful ejaculation.

Module 3: Warm-Up

Explore sensual warm-up rituals like a full-body oil massage. Whether you’re giving or receiving the massage, learn how to breathe and position to get the most out of this experience.

Module 4: Penis Massage For Couples

Play with various couple rituals, like the Lingam-Heart Connection or Edging. Discover how to finish the massage for the most blissful effect.

Module 5: Full Flow Sessions

Watch the tastefully filmed sessions on a real model, with step-by-step, professional guidance. Download a follow-along audio recording or print out the beautifully illustrated cheat sheets for your bedroom

Module 6: Penis Self-Massage

Learn the principles of self-massage. Explore the technique of Edging (also known as “riding the orgasmic waves”). Discover how to best wrap up and integrate your solo session. Download a cheat sheet for your self-practice.

Frequently Asked Questions

At Beducated we have taught Tantric Massage to thousands of people and receive messages from happily transformed individuals and couples every single day. There’s no need to worry that you’re an exception.

If you remain curious and allow yourself to explore something new, we say: It will work for you, too!

Absolutely, be our guest.

There’s an entire module dedicated to self-massage — meaning you can experience the benefits of the penis massage (a.k.a. multiple full-body orgasms) even if you’re a single man.

But beyond giving yourself a whole lot of pleasure and training yourself to last longer, the self-massage techniques will help you prevent or heal penis numbness, which is a common side effect caused by overmasturbating.

YES! We cannot emphasize it enough. This course will be extremely empowering for you, no matter your relationship status. You will never feel intimidated, awkward, bored or tired of playing with your hands… It will never feel like a “job” again.

You will learn techniques that you can practice any time — with your partner, a future partner, or you can also impress your Tinder dates if that’s what you’re after.

There are a few ways by which a penis massage helps men last longer in bed even if they’ve been suffering from premature ejaculation for years — and I describe them in detail in the course.

But — just to give you a taste of it — one of the most important things to learn would be a technique called “edging”:

A guy should stop when he’s about to ejaculate and cool down a bit. Then he can go close to that point again. But he shouldn’t go over that point. Consistent training (also through a self-massage) helps to push it further and further, until he can get full control of it.

In a penis massage, we learn to appreciate the whole of the penis, whether it’s erect or soft. But we also help it get back to vertical — through physical healing (improved circulation, cured numbness etc.), as well as emotional healing (feeling accepted the way he is, not feeling pressured to “perform” etc.)

It’s a beautiful and deep practice, that has the power to transform a man’s life inside out.

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