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Sex & Relationship Education for Grown-Ups

Hi there, we’re Beducated and we bring more *WOW* into bedrooms around the planet.

We publish transformational online courses to help people become their best selves inside and out of the bedroom. 

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Why Sex?

The personal development industry offers thousands of courses, books and workshops about a lot of different topics. We believe there is one missing piece: Sexuality.

We are not born great lovers but if we are sexually empowered, all other life areas adapt accordingly and you end up having an overall improved life. 

What’s It Like to Work With Us?

  • We enjoy using GIFs.
  • We love honest, straight-foward and efficient communication.
  • Agile? Consider us hyper-agile.
  • We all enjoy personal growth and optimizing everything all the time.
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5 Reasons to Build Your Career With Beducated

1. The Best Teammates

Beducated Team

Our unconventional and at the same time down-to-earth company culture attracts some of the smartest people from Germany and across Europe. 

We hire people who are not just smart, but people who are positive, motivated, and dare to dream big and work efficiently to achieve things that other people call impossible. Join us, and you’ll be working with some of the most inspiring people you’ve ever met. 

2. Your Work Will Help Millions of People

Why spend years of your life on projects that only a handful of people will ever see, when your work could directly improve the lives of millions of people?

During the last years our work and message reached more than 1.000.000 people, and this number is increasing rapidly as our impact continues to grow.

3. Endless Opportunities to Grow

In many other working places you learn tools and methods right at the beginning and do the same thing over and over again. We thrive to constantly improve our knowledge and processes to work the smartest way possible.

As an education company, we live and breath learning, and our team members are expected to spend time on improving their skills and getting better at what they do. That’s why you probably find at least one of us hitting a book from our library or reading long in-depth articles online.

4. The Cutest Office in Munich

Beducated Office

The office is part of the founders’ house, which has a landmark status and a cute garden where we work in summer. We love its clean style topped with some sassy and fun decoration.

The office is also a Co-Working Space where you will meet other entrepreneurs and freelancers. It’s in Munich, the unofficial heart of Europe.

5. Freedom to Be Yourself

We know that brilliant people don’t fancy rules and desire to do great work in their own way.

We love to have a fun and easy environment that supports us in creating outstanding content.

We don’t follow conventional “9-to-5” rules but love to set up a framework that works for us. So we’ve designed our company culture specifically for people who don’t need orders to get stuff done.

Open Positions

Motion Graphic Designer (f/m/x)

You love After Effects and creating educational videos? You also dig personal growth topics? Let’s talk!

Beducator / Sex Expert (f/m/x)

You love to create educational content and want to learn how we bring it online? We got you!


Voice Actor (f/m/x)

You’re an experienced voice talent and want to create one of our new online courses with us? We’d love to (literally) hear from you!

Synchronsprecher (German) (f/m/x) 

Du bist ein Voice Talent und interessierst dich für Persönlichkeitsentwicklung der etwas anderen Art? Wir freuen uns von dir zu hören! 

Unsolicited Application

Can’t find anything suitable? You can still apply and become a part of our cool team! 

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