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Beducated Guide to Experience the Hands-Free Male Orgasm

written by
Jeremiah Barnes

Male orgasms come in all shapes and sizes. You obviously know about the standard ejaculatory orgasm, and you probably know about the prostate orgasm. You may even know something about the pelvic orgasm and the blended (ejaculatory and prostate) orgasm. But have you ever thought about a hands-free male orgasm? It might be just what you need to spice things up.

So what is a hands-free male orgasm? This type of orgasm occurs when a man is stimulated through climax without the use of traditional masturbation or physical contact with his hands. If this sounds tricky, you’re right.

A hands-free orgasm for men is not an easy feat.

It takes practice! But the mind is very powerful—some even consider the brain as the most important sex organ. Your brain communicates with your genitals, and your genitals communicate with your brain.

Remember that scene in 40 Days and 40 Nights when Josh Hartnett gives his girlfriend an orgasm just by blowing a flower petal all over her body? Well, the hands-free male orgasm is kinda like that, although this sexy scene depicts a female orgasm. I don’t know about you, but I’m getting turned on just thinking about it.

Are you ready to get going with a hands-free male orgasm? Let’s see how far your mind can take you!

hands free male orgasm

Hands-free Orgasm for Men: Where to Start

Although a hands-free orgasm will take patience and practice for many men, it may be easier to execute than it sounds. The hands-free climax can be reached a number of different ways including meditation, consumption of erotic content, flexing your PC (pubococcygeus) muscles, or utilizing soft, stimulating fabrics. Some men may achieve a hands-free orgasm using a combination of these methods.

Before getting started with a hands-free orgasm, it’s important to let go of some of your go-to masturbation habits.

You must be willing to explore new techniques.

Having an open mind will allow you to climax without the use of your standard methods. Even though a hands-free orgasm may utilize some stimulating fabrics, you’ll ultimately be reaching ejaculation through focused thought. Letting your mind wander is part of meditation, but with hands-free orgasms, it’s important to remain focused on the stimulation.

How the Hell Do You Achieve a Hands-free Male Orgasm?

hands-free male orgasm

You’ve got an open mind, and you’ve let go of your conventional self-pleasure approach. Now that your head’s in the right place, following these steps will help you achieve a hands-free male orgasm.

Step #1 Find Time and Head to a Private Place

This step is necessary for masturbation or sex of any kind. When you have time to try out a hands-free orgasm, head to a comfortable, private place where you won’t be interrupted or distracted.

Step #2 Set the Scene

This is where you decide which direction to go for your hands-free male orgasm. Que up some video porn or sexy audio. You may want to just read an erotic story. Whatever you choose, remember that the goal is for the words or images to arouse your subconscious enough to reach climax.

Step #3 Take Some Deep Breaths

Focusing on slow, deep breathing will help you relax.

Breathwork assists with bringing oxygen into your bloodstream. As your breathing calms you, start to concentrate intently on your penis. This focus will increase blood flow to your pelvic region and begin your hands-free experience.

Step #4 Think Dirty Thoughts

hands-free male orgasm

As things start to heat up, hit play or begin reading the erotica while continuing to focus intently on your penis. Think dirty thoughts and imagine yourself getting steamy with someone. Let these images penetrate your mind and make you hard without using your hands.

Step #5 Flex Your Pc Muscles

You’re probably used to repetitive stroking or penetration as a means for reaching orgasm and may be wondering how you can have a hands-free orgasm without this fast movement. Flexing your PC muscles continuously for a minute or two may make your penis twitch without actually touching it.

Step #6 Try Using Fabrics

If you’re not sure you’ll be able to ejaculate without your hands, try using fabrics before giving up. While the use of fabrics isn’t a completely touchless method of attaining a hands-free orgasm, it’s a great way to ease yourself into the process if you’re not used to it. A soft scarf, satin pillowcase, sports jersey, piece of fur, or some silky panties may do the trick!

Step #7 Focus, Meditate, Visualize, and Let It All Go

hands-free male orgasm

You’ve got the time, place, imagery, and materials to get the job done. Now it’s up to you to focus intently and let your mind guide you through to the big hands-free O.

Try to concentrate on the hot fantasy playing out in your mind.

Direct your attention to how your penis is feeling and how it would feel doing the dirty deed you’re thinking about. Let your mind lead your body to an elevated hands-free masturbatory experience. Since this is a new pleasure method for you, don’t be discouraged if it takes you longer than normal to finish—and don’t be alarmed if you ejaculate quicker than expected either!

Let’s Get to Work!

With this new knowledge on how to achieve a hands-free male orgasm, are you feeling up to the task? Branching out from your mundane masturbatory routine and opening your mind to different climax methods will allow you to achieve greater pleasure and make you a better lover.

Don’t be discouraged if you don’t orgasm on your first try sans hands. It may take some perseverance, but a hands-free orgasm for men is totally attainable. With a little practice, you may even be able to get there without using any fabrics or pornography.

Hands-free orgasm, here you cum!

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